Present Music's Water concert

Saturday, August 27, 2011
Marcus Center's Uihlein Hall

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Audience Testimonials
Kudos on last night's performance. My husband & I were 1st time Present Music goers. Went with another "virgin" couple. The 4 of us met working on the Clean Water Act of 1973. Like a shy boy, my husband admitting he wanted to be the guy playing the "water." Best musical show I've experienced since The Silk Road Ensemble With YoYo Ma. Loved the layers of performance texture. -
Jeri Bar

Bravo to Present Music and its many creative friends for an outstanding performance last night in Milwaukee. -
John Bloner, Jr.

An impressive showcase of musicianship last night at Present Music's Water Concert! I'll be back for more. -
C.J. Darnieder

Thank you so much for all your hard work on the Water concert. I had a wonderful time. It was one of the best events I’ve been to in a long time. Finally, something different! -
Pamela J. Schopf

I happened to be at the right place, right time. Not only did I get to prance around with others with a fish that I had painted on top my head before the concert...I ended up getting a ticket to this wonderful show. The direction: very abstract and creative I must say. -
Barb Budish

I LOVED last night's performance and left the hall with water sloshing in my head. The dancers flowed on and off stage like waves, the singers and instrumental musicians sung swimmingly, and an amazing new composition scored for (among other things) water tank and glasses of ice water made for a memorable and magical evening. Thank you! -
Susan Barnett

Saturday evenings PRESENT MUSIC concert in and around the Marcus Center For The Performing Arts was an amazing powerful tribute to WATER by Kevin Stalheim and the very talented musicians! Thank you PRESENT MUSIC for the overwhelming performance! It was a spectacular night for all fortunate enough to have attended. -
Ray Janusiak

Wow, what a wonderful evening! Congratulations to all at Present Music. -
Will Edwards

A HUGE thank you to Present Music for sharing their beautiful music with the Milwaukee community.  It was greatly appreciated by one and all.  You gave many  in the audience their first opportunity to experience the theater setting, to hear the real sound of music and to view the Dancework troups gracefulness -Marylin J. Banzhaf

Thank you to our concert sponsors and community partners!



Present Music Musicians
Eric Segnitz, violin/guitar
Peter Vickery, violin
Zhan Shu, violin
Erin Pipal, viola
Adrien Zitoun, cello
Andrew Raciti, bass
Marie Sander, flute
Margaret Butler, oboe
William Helmers, clarinet
Cindy Cameron Fix, bassoon
Darcy Hamlin, horn
Tom Schlueter, trumpet
Don Sipe, trumpet
Dave Lussier, trombone
Mark Hoelscher, trombone
Linda Siegel, percussion
Sean Conners, percussion