By donating to Present Music, you support one of the largest audiences for New Music in the world
right here in Milwaukee!

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Planned Giving and Non-Cash Gifts

You can help to keep New Music alive in Milwaukee for years to come by making a planned or long-range gift to Present Music today. Present Music is now able to receive non-cash gifts directly to our brokerage account at Raymond James.

Stock Transfers

Transferring in-kind stock directly to a charitable organization has two advantages. An in-kind transfer of the stock helps one avoid paying capital gains taxes on the increased value of the stock, with the total amount of the transfer still eligible for a tax deduction.

To make a gift of stock to Present Music, you will need to provide your broker with Present Music’s Depository Trust Company (DTC) number and account number:

DTC# 0725
Acct# 199CC743
For the Benefit of:
Present Music, Inc

For questions or further information about donations through Raymond James, please contact Jack Simpson at 414.935.4190.

IRA Distributions

Required minimum distributions (RMDs) must be taken each year beginning with the year the individual turns age 70 1/2. Currently, donors are able to transfer distributions of up to $100,000 directly from their IRA to a charitable organization, without treating the distribution as taxable income.

To transfer your RMD to Present Music, a qualified 501c3 Charitable Organization, you will need to provide your broker with our EIN: 39-1438119. Your broker should then send a check on your behalf directly to Present Music to the following address:

Present Music, Inc.
Attn: Charitable Gifts
3720 N Fratney St, Unit 2I
Milwaukee, WI 53212

We are happy to answer any questions you, or your financial advisor may have! Please contact Tai Renfrow at Present Music:
Tai Renfrow – Production/Ops Manager
Office: 414.271.0711×3

2019-20 Season