Present Music's 2018-19 Season

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Season Opener

September 8, 2018

Join Kevin Stalheim in a collaboration with Guest Conductor David Bloom (of Contemporaneous fame) and the Present Music Ensemble for our Season Opener concert featuring a mix Present Music’s past hits and music new to Milwaukee’s ears. The concert will take the audience on a scintillating spin from Sinatra to Stravinsky, America’s Deep South to Africa, and to the waters of Turkey and Ireland. Come hear what Kevin & David are cooking up for Present Music’s 2018-19 Season Opener!

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Thanksgiving 2018

Sunday, November 18, 2018

A Milwaukee tradition, Present Music’s annual Thanksgiving concert will include a world premiere commission from Kamran Ince, our Hearing Voices vocal ensemble, the Reagan High School Choir, the Present Music Ensemble, and the Bucks Native American Singing and Drumming Group. Under the direction of artistic director Kevin Stalheim and in the resounding acoustics of the cathedral, the concert creates a unique and temporary community of listeners, who join in the performance in a closing Friendship Dance. Composer Ince will be present at the concert.

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In the (Chamber) Serr

Thursday, February 21 – Friday, February 22, 2019

Audience members will experience Present Music’s In The (Chamber) Serr concert in the new Jan Serr Studio. Newly constructed, the Serr Studio serves as “a flexible technologically-integrated performance venue that will choreograph light and sound in as many unique ways as the diverse group of university and community artists it aims to serve”. Named after artist and UWM Department of Art & Design alumna, Jan Serr, the school’s new flagship venue will provide a much welcomed home for contemporary and interdisciplinary artists, and Present Music is thrilled to be one of the inaugural events in this new Milwaukee venue. Music you’ve never heard before in a space you’ve never seen like this before -- a private and cozy concert with the Present Music Ensemble.

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Through Present Music and its concerts, Kevin Stalheim has brought some of the most exciting world composers of our time from places such as Australia, Turkey, China, and Austria to Milwaukee. Stalheim’s final concert as Artistic Director brings Present Music back to the Pabst Theater for a celebration involving many local collaborators – both new and old - to the Ensemble. StalheimTime is a thank you to the Community, Musicians, Audiences, Supporters, and Artistic Collaborators who contributed to each concert experience. Present Music will present works of composers important to new music personal to Stalheim by PM audiences over the last 37 years that by Present Music, including John Adams’ Son of Chamber Symphony, Aaron Copland’s iconic Appalachian Spring, and Elena Kats-Chernin’s Village Idiot. This landmark event will include a post-concert party.

A Huge Thank You to Our Sponsors

Present Music is a member of the United Performing Arts Fund, which provides major financial support. This season is supported by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support provided by CAMPAC and by the generosity of foundations, corporations and individuals.

The Experience!

Present Music has become a leader in contemporary “serious music,” racing many miles ahead of the musty… avant-garde by making thorny new music fun.

Dave Luhrssen

Shepherd Express

You don’t usually see robots and amplifiers at the symphony; nor are the composers usually present in the room to literally breathe life into their new orchestral arrangements.

Cara Slingerland

Marquette Tribune

America’s most important new-music ensemble might well be Milwaukee’s own Present Music.

Tom Strini

Third Coast Digest

“The burst of energy from the musicians sent chills up and down my spine (the good chills). When music actually gives your body an uncontrolled physical reaction like that, you know you have witnessed something special. It was a great experience.”

Jesse V.

Describes his 1st Concert

“Music never spoke to me before last night’s concert and it was amazing! I’m overjoyed about the next concert and learning more about music.”

Tya, Student Composer

Bradley Tech High School

Compose Milwaukee

Creatively connecting Milwaukee’s communities in INNOVATIVE and IMAGINATIVE ways.

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Experience the 2015